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Jefferson Proving Ground - Installation Support Management Agency
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Site Description

This is a map of the Jefferson Proving Ground.  A Firing Line divides the Proving Ground into the Northern Area, which covers about 85 percent of the Proving Ground, and the Cantonment Area, which covers the remaining 15 percent of the Proving Ground at the Southern tip.Jefferson Proving Ground is located in southeastern Indiana, approximately 8 miles north of the Indiana-Kentucky border and about 5 miles north of Madison, Indiana. The installation occupies parts of Jefferson, Jennings and Ripley Counties, and is about 17.2 miles in length and ranges from 4 to 6 miles in width. Lands surrounding JPG are predominantly farmland and woodlands, with some small towns and rural residential land use nearby.

The facility is divided into a Northern Firing Range Area and a Southern Cantonment Area, separated by a firing line consisting of 268 former gun positions used for testing ordnance until September 1994. This line runs east-west across the width of the facility and is separated from the Cantonment Area by an east-west firing line fence.

JPG contains 379 buildings, 182 miles of roads, and 48 miles of boundary fence line.

The Southern Area houses support facilities that were used for administration, ammunition assembly and testing, vehicle maintenance, and residential housing. Up to September 1994, this area also was used for ammunition assembly and testing and weapons maintenance. Most of these buildings are situated along a 1-mile strip just south of the Firing Line Road on Woodfill Road. An abandoned airport with four runways and a hanger building are located in the southwest corner of the facility.

The Northern Area consists of 51,000 acres of undeveloped and heavily wooded land. Numerous discrete areas were cleared and targeted during certain munitions tests.