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This is a map of the Jefferson Proving Ground.  A Firing Line divides the Proving Ground into the Northern Area, which covers about 85 percent of the Proving Ground, and the Cantonment Area, which covers the remaining 15 percent of the Proving Ground at the Southern tip.In October 1992, the U.S. Army issued a Reuse Options Plan for JPG. The study outlines numerous reuse options and the projected cost for cleanup. Goals in the plan include the productive reuse of JPG in accordance with sound environmental principles. To date, three parcels have been deemed suitable for reuse.

One parcel is the area north of the firing line. Because the 51,000 acres known as the Northern Firing Range Area contain UXO, the Army plans to retain ownership of this area. However, other Government organizations, such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service External link (opens new browser window), and the Indiana Air National Guard have entered into Memorandums of Agreement with the Army to access the area and help ensure a balanced use of the land and maintenance of the natural resources and cultural resources.

The most economically valuable area is the approximate 4,000 acre area south of Firing Line Road. This parcel is known as the Cantonment Area.

A third parcel, a 1.19-acre area located south of the JPG property boundaries, contains a pump building and two water wells.

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